Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphans Project

About the Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project

Children are born with the potential to influence the future, the economy, and to contribute much in this world but many never get the opportunity of getting an education. These children have either no guardian or poor guardian and need resources to allow them to be educated. The lack of resources causes children drop out of school and into work to contribute family income or to living alone on the street. These orphans are at risk due to various diseases, these children needs education on health practices and treatment. We are hoping that with the assistance of those who love orphans and pray for them we shall raise them and rescue those on the verge of losing their education or lives.

Established Jan 2011 with 20 orphans, the Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphans and Vulnerable Children Project now is a charitable institute which cares for 127 children. Some are 'double' orphans - known in Uganda when you have lost both parents - or 'single' orphans when they have lost 1 parent.

70 children are orphans who lost parents due to HIV/AIDS
20 were abandoned by their mothers because they mothers were v young, (ie, under 16)
37 are living in poverty with families who have no income.

Some of them live with grandparents, aunts, or other family members, or neighbours etc. None of them live in the school, but we would like that to be possible in the future if we can build more buildings. Someone always visits the children at home to assess their appropriateness for the school.

The Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphan Project is always growing and looking for new ways to help our community and its children. Below are a few things we've thought of but we're always open to new ideas.

Director's Message

The Kisiizi Good Shepherd Orphanage Care Project was established in January 2011 with 20 orphans as a way for me to give back to the community and friends who helped raise me as an orphan when I was a child. Today in 2015, our staff and volunteers care for over 150 children who have lost one or both parents due death by the AIDS/Virus or were abandon by teenage mothers who were unwed with no income. They have endured many hardships and traumatic experiences.

The children are provided essential services such as education, food, healthcare and counseling. Our dedicated teachers have worked with no pay for an extended period of time. It is compassionate donors and sponsors like you who enable us to continue to improve their quality of life and give them hope for a brighter future here in Uganda.

We are currently in the process of constructing a new classroom and hope to provide our students with books, paper, pencils, desks, chairs and equipment for a playground. Everyone is very excited for all of these blessings. Any amount you can give, large or small, is greatly appreciated. May God bless you and we hope you will continue to check back for regular updates on our progress and development. Please do not hesitate to contact me here and send a message if you have any questions or concerns. Or call me at 256751308964 and I will get back to you as soon as possible. If you have any questions or concerns please contact me at my email at and look for me on Skype at akatwijukasimon4444. My wife and I look forward to meeting you.

Simon Akatwijuka

PS: Please share our website with your friends and family. Please like us on Facebook and come an visit us. We would love to see you. Thanks for caring!!! ​

School Lunch Project

If there are funds available then they provide lunch for the children - which is about 33,000 Ug shillings (13$ US) a day for the whole school (12 kg posho - which is a carbohydrate, Ugandan root vegetable) and 10kg beans. A lady who lives near by cooks for them.

The cost to feed the school every day for the entire school year is around $2350 US, assuming 4 weeks a month and a 9 month school year.

Paid Teachers Project

There are about 4 female teachers and Simon. The teachers are not paid at the moment but he would like to be able to pay them 100,000 Ugandan shillings a month, for 9 months of the year (3 months of holiday, unpaid). This is around $360 per year (or about $40 per month).


Thank you for your interest in this project. We currently accept donations primarily through our gofundme site:

Oportunities to serve at Kisiizi Good Shepherd School

Voluteers visiting the school makes the orphans smile. We would welcome overseas teachers, especially ones specializing in math, for a short or long time, working as volunteers. Voluteering in uganda for KGSO would help teach the kids (age 3 to 8) at the project and assisting in educating them in areas of personal hygiene, brushing teeth, flossing teeth and life skills. We would provide accommodation.

Afternoons and evennings are fun time. You could organise activities games, dances, and other creative based activities to teach children at the project.

There are no specific qualifications to volunteer, but you should have patience and a love of children.

KGSO does not charge for volunteers visiting, but they are responsible for providing for themselves while they are here. Housing can be provided, but bedding and food are better provided by the visitor so not to put a further burden on the school.

For more information on visiting click here.

Welcome to Kisiizi!

The school is close to Lake Bunyonyi, a place of many birds. Lake Bunyonyi is unquestionablly the most beatiful lake in Uganda. It is surrounded by steep sided mountains and numerous local communities making it to perfect to come and chill out on your way to or after your encounter with mountain gorillas. Lake Bunyonyi is about 25 km long and 7km wide with 30 islands dotting the centre of lake and depth varying from 43 to 850m. The lake surface is a refreshing 25 degree celcius and safe for swiming.

Transportation too and from the school is very easy including hired cars, motorcycles, and trucks. Matutu, Kabale is situated about 450km south west of Kampala. After your cross the Equator you drive through Masaka and later Mbarara on a good tarmac road. There is a plenty of public transport [buses,minivans] that travells this route to daily in both directions.

We need funds to pay the teachers to buy books for these children as well as pens, pencils, uniforms, medical care, letting them knowing about Jesus, and even teaching them about HIV/AIDS. Material needs like mattresses, soap, vacines and mosquito nets are also important. Well fed and educated the children will to grow strong and with God's help escape the cycle of poverty.